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projext plugins

Creating plugins for projext is really simple as the tool takes care of finding them on your package.json, loading them, allowing them to register services and providing the necessary events so they can interact with the targets.

Naming convention

All projext plugins names should start with projext-plugin-, this allows projext to find them on your project dependencies. Once a plugin is found, projext will be require it and call its exported function with a reference to the dependency container.

Adding services to the container

All the project structure was built using Jimple, a port of Pimple Dependency Injection container for Node, so in oder to register a new service, you should set it on the container.

Let's say the following code is the main file of a plugin:

// Get the service you want to register
const MyService = require('...');

// Export the function that will be called when the plugin is register
module.exports = (projext) => {
  // Set the service on the container
  projext.set('myServiceName', () => new MyService());


projext has an events service that is an implementation of wootil's EventsHub and that it uses to emit information events and reduce variables when needed.

module.exports = (projext) => {
    const events = projext.get('events');

    // Add a new listener for a regular event
    events.on('some-event', () => {
      console.log('some-event was fired!');

    // Add a reducer event
    events.on('some-reducer-events', (someConfiguration) => Object.assign({}, someConfiguration, {
      name: 'charito',

Regular events

Revision file creation

This is emitted if the revision file feature is enabled (check the project configuration document) and the command that creates it was called.

Reducer events

List of the project files and/or folders to copy

This event is used if the feature to copy project files is enabled (check the project configuration document) and the command that does the copying is called.

Target information

This is called when projext loads a new target, after defining its paths and applying its type template.

The list of commands to build a target

In order to build targets, projext generates a list of CLI commands that a shell script executes, and this event is called in order to reduce that list.

A target Babel configuration

When building a target, projext will create a Babel configuration based on this settings, then this event is used to reduce that configuration.