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Overwriting projext

projext was built on the idea that everything could be overwritten, so if the default functionalities don't cover all your project scenarios, you could easily overwrite a service and make it work the way you like (and hopefully publish it as a plugin later).

All the project structure was built using Jimple, a port of Pimple Dependency Injection container for Node, and EVERYTHING is registered on the container. You can simple set your own version of a service with the same name in order to overwrite it.

The way you get access to the container is by creating a file called projext.setup.js on your project root directory, there you'll create your own instance of projext, register your custom/overwrite services and export it:

// projext.setup.js

// Get the main class
const { Projext } = require('projext');

// Create a new instance
const myProjext = new Projext();

// Overwrite a service
myProjext.set('cleaner', () => myCustomCleaner);

// Export your custom version
module.exports = myProjext;

All projext commands will first check if you have the file and then fallback to the default app.